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In alignment with our core value #7 “Embrace and Drive Change,” APS is committed to effectively managing change by engaging change management practices throughout the district.  Change management is the process, tools and techniques to manage the people side of change. At APS, we believe that change management is essential to understand how to manage ongoing change including individual and organizational transitions and to help avoid unexpected pitfalls. Effective change management practices are used to help engage and empower employees and other stakeholders to get desired outcomes. Aspects of change management include understanding change through the perspectives of relationships, culture, structures, and information. A systemic approach to change management enables our stakeholders to quickly realize and implement the objectives of the district’s change initiatives to achieve our goals.

To manage change effectively, APS also focuses on developing the personal resilience of employees. Resilience is the ability to adapt to high levels of disruptive change while maintaining high levels of performance. Building personal resilience helps employees to manage chance by getting unstuck and having the skills to adapt and gain control of situations. By continuously focusing on developing resilience, employees are able to thrive in adversity, bounce back, use challenges to grow stronger, and have an increased tolerance for change.

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