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Core Values are beliefs and priorities that establish a clear, concise and shared meaning of our behavioral expectations in a healthy working environment. APS core values describe how we want to operate as we work together. All employees should understand the meaning of all core values and how they apply to our work.

These core values do more than just promote ethical business practices. Our core values shape the culture of APS, including the decision-making criteria of leaders and the actions of employees. APS’ core value system serves as a code of conduct that promotes and guides strategically-aligned behaviors that serve as the building blocks for our organizational culture. These core values are the primary determinant to influence organizational performance at APS. Because of the importance of culture to APS’s success, the core values are integrated into the APS performance management system. This provides the opportunity for leaders to set clear expectations about job roles, fostering coaching and mentoring opportunities, and reinforcing what we believe.

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