Strengths Toolkit


Your Strengths Journey

Do you need to discover your top 5 strengths? Please contact Melvynne Reed (, 404-802-2840).

Do you have your report but are unsure of the next steps? Follow along here. And sign up for coaching with Melvynne Reed (

Are you unsure what each of your strengths means? Check out Gallup's Theme Thursday videos.

Do you need help naming, claiming, and aiming your talents? Use this worksheet.

Building Your Team's Strengths

As a strengths champion, we have a number of resources to help embed strengths into how your team performs:

  • Here's a one-page handout overview of strengths/engagement. 

  • Here are some overview slides on strengths and engagement, ranging from self-awareness to team performance.

  • Here are some activities you can do with your team, with instructions and samples.

  • Here is a template to outline your team members' strengths.


For additional resources, including accessing your strengths, please go to

and use your APS email address.


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